Missing Something?

Its true. You really dont have the whole picture, by design. Alternate missed approach fixes have been sneaking onto approach charts for a while, but you wont easily find a way to use them. Its even difficult to find out when you would use those alternate holding patterns. [IMGCAP(1)] Those alternate missed approach holding fixes are associated with alternate missed approach procedures. These are in addition to your regular missed approach procedures and are established whenever the…

IMC Club Hangar Flying

There werent any IMC Clubs when I began flying on instruments. I wish there had been. I might not have had to make quite as many mistakes for myself as I did. [IMGCAP(1)] Back in 1984, a designated examiner by the name of Francis Xavier Scott pontificated upon me and pronounced me fit to fly an airplane solely by reference to instruments. I clearly remember Scottys magic words: Lets go inside and get you written up. I…

Jeppesen vs. AeroNav

In a pinch, you may only have access to one type of chart, and it might not be the type youre familiar with. A good briefing is essential for every departure and approach, and a good knowledge base for the chart type in use will help facilitate that briefing. Lets compare AeroNav and Jeppesen approach charts.Lets use the ILS or LOC Rwy 34 in Roanoke, Virginia for comparison. …

Readback: August 2014

Reference Fred Simonds article Need Datalink? in the May 2014 issue. We first put datalink into our Bonanza about a dozen years ago after being stuck for a few extra days by weather. We had a post-mounted StratoCheetah by Echo Flight that used the Iridium satellite system. It worked reasonably well but was intrusive. Next a panel upgrade included the, then, UPSAT MX-20 with WSI datalink FIS. This is what we still use today in contrast to the XMWX system mentioned as the only available system in the article. There are some differences in the data and presentation, but the WSI receiver provides most of the same information as XM systems I have used.

Rules to Live By

Its no secret that general aviations accident rate is significantly worse than the airlines and corporate flight departments. According to NTSB studies over the first 10 years of this century, youre 12 times more likely to have an accident when flying your own or a rented GA aircraft.