Master Your Medical

Maybe it’s time to renew your medical certificate or even obtain your first. The first step is to complete the online application at MedXPress.faa.gov. Benign as it may appear, it can cause unneeded misery if not completed accurately. Here are some angles, tips, and things to bear in mind as you weave your way toward […]

5G vs Rad Alt Politics

Airlines and other operators have been using rad alts in safety-critical and supplemental applications for decades without having to worry about data corruption from cell phone towers. Conversely, the telecommunications industry has paid billions of dollars to acquire the rights to transmit on the assigned frequencies. In this article, we’ll discuss use of the radio-frequency […]

Reinventing NOTAMS

Air Canada Flight 759 almost landed at night on a taxiway adjacent to closed SFO Runway 28L on July 7, 2017. At the last moment, the pilots aborted. The NTSB estimated it came within 14 feet of another aircraft. Investigators discovered the NOTAM closing the runway was buried on page 8 of their 27-page flight […]

Coping with CAMI

FAA’s Office of Aerospace Medicine (AAM) in Washington, D.C., led by Dr. Susan Northrup, the Federal Air Surgeon, has jurisdiction over CAMI. The divisions of CAMI we care most about are Aerospace Medical Certification (AMCD), Medical Specialties, and the nine Regional Flight Surgeons (RFS), who can issue or deny most medicals. They can help resolve […]

ON THE AIR: April 2022

A while back we were transitioning Omaha’s airspace, and heard the following: Omaha: “American 123, climb and maintain 10,000, one zero thousand.” American 123: “One-zero thousand. Your timing was stupendous, I was just picking up the mic to ask for higher.” Omaha: “Actually, the clearance just came in from Center.” After several unrelated calls, Omaha: […]

The IFP Gateway

The FAA’s IFP Information Gateway offers all published Instrument Fight Procedures for download and status checks such as whether procedures are new, up for amendment, or on the block for cancellation. Uniquely, it gives pilots a fast, efficient way to query IFP designers concerning any issues. It even offers automatic notification of changes to a […]

Sussing SUA

Cruising along under IFR, there’s an MOA or restricted airspace ahead. On FIS-B, you pull up a page that shows its size and status: Scheduled in green, activated in yellow, red if in use. The display is as dynamic as visual TFRs that come and go. Transparent real-time access is helpful during flight planning and […]

Which Way Is Up?

Remember when you were a student pilot prepping for the cross-country flights with a sectional chart, using your plotter to calculate the true course...

How GPS Works

Back in the bad old days of VOR navigation you could find your position by tuning in two different VOR’s. Each radial from a...


Okay, what is engine-out automation? It includes automatic propeller feathering and rudder boost. New innovations are being introduced that extend this automation into more...


With full RNAV equipment, the occasional ILS might seem quaint, but it’s still a useful procedure. It even requires RNAV in some updated versions....

VORs in the G1000

Garmin has sold over 16,000 Garmin G1000 units since its introduction in 2003. Properly used, a G1000 can make you look mighty good trekking...