No GPS position

Real GPS Outage

One has only to monitor the GPS NOTAMs to conclude that our near-100 percent confidence in GPS is misplaced. Here’s a story of a real GPS outage.
Great view from the ATC tower at Oshkosh

ATC at Oshkosh, Pt. 2

We continue our inside look at what it takes for ATC to manage traffic in and around Oshkosh during the annual AirVenture.

Instrument X-C

The so-called “long” cross-country in instrument training requires three different approaches. Defining “different” and what approaches qualify has been a process.

Readback, December 2023

Special VFR Great September 2023 article on Special VFR (SVFR) by Elim Hawkins. I can see how this might become a well-worn tool for VFR-only...

ATC Saves Again

Our first feel-good article on ATC saves (July 2023) was well received. Here are some more stories where a controller helped save a pilot’s butt.

On the Air, December 2023

While doing some pattern work recently at our small rural airport in Pella, Iowa (KPEA), I was practicing wheel landings and 3-point landings with...