Readback—June 2024

ADM and Proficiency I found “Improve Your ADM” in the February issue by Douglas Boyd, Ph.D. to be an excellent article (although I particularly like...

Briefing—June 2024

MOSAIC Expected In 2025 The Modernization of Special Airworthiness Certification (MOSAIC) final rule likely won’t be enacted until sometime in 2025. The comment period closed...

…And Avoid

Seriously? That’s all we get? Our only takeaway is to watch for other traffic? I want more.

Online Weather

There are countless weather sources on the Internet, some authoritative, some not so. Let’s take a look at one reader favorite.

IFR Quiz—May 2024

Occasionally it’s good to go back and review the basics. This quiz shares wake-turbulence information you may not know. Don’t let one catch you by surprise.

Mixing It Up

Combining IFR and VFR modes in one trip can happen in a number of ways for your flying convenience. Just know how to work the options to stay legal and safe.

Flight Plan Codes

Years after the FAA adopted the so-called ICAO flight plan for all flights, many pilots still don’t really understand what codes to put in the boxes. We can help.