Briefing—August 2024

Cirrus Service Advisory Prompts Unleaded Fuel Warranty Debate Cirrus Aircraft has advised its customers to not use GAMI G100UL in its aircraft because it can’t...

Back In the Saddle

Proficiency is even more elusive than currency, but obviously both are important.

METAR Observations

Just when you thought you were getting the hang of it, you discover there’s more to learn. But we’re here to help you.

IFR Quiz—July 2024

Occasionally it’s good to go back and review the basics. This quiz shares wake-turbulence information you may not know. Don’t let one catch you by surprise.

A Visual Segment

Instrument procedures aren’t always just for instrument conditions. Some require VMC for obstacle avoidance, which is guaranteed—if you follow the instructions.

Instrument Rating vs. Instrument Pilot

Many start with a private pilot certificate, then add an instrument rating, but how can you become a true instrument pilot?

Custom Checklists

There’s some misinformation out there, so let’s be clear: In Part 91, you are permitted to make your own checklist. But if you do, there are things to consider.