January 2022 Quiz: Not What You Planned

Working remotely has its perks. The commute is great, the view is pretty good, and the dining options are usually decent as well. But, being cooped up in the same place day after day can lead to stir craziness. So when the opportunity arose to take a work trip from your home in Boston to […]

Be an FAA Whisperer

Should it become necessary, you really need to know and understand ways to deal with the FAA. These days it’s more likely you will first deal with the gentle Dr. Jekyll, but it can escalate quickly to the enforcer, Mr. Hyde, if the soft approach fails. Your interaction with the Feds will play a prominent […]

October 2021 Quiz: No Time For Coasting

You recently needed to take extended travel to destinations beyond the practical range of your trusty Cessna Cardinal RG. Your avionics shop just took in some useful trade-ins that are much better than your aging radios, so you left them your Cardinal for a modest upgrade. This is your first flight with the new stack. […]

September 2021 Quiz

Little-known Coded Departure Routes can solve routing problems for bad weather, traffic, and more. Are you up on the ins and outs of CDRs?

August 2021 Quiz

You accidentally bust a Class Charlie. After landing, the FBO hands you a note to call the TRACON. The manager is hopping mad and...

Can You Bust the Rust?

Your last flight was 13 months ago, the coronavirus having curtailed your flying activities. Safely vaccinated, you’re itching to get back in the air...

Quiz: June 2021

In a recent hangar session with a group of instructors, we discussed common weaknesses seen in IPCs. This quiz is the result of our...

May 2021 Quiz

At the end of last year the FAA updated the AIM, Pilot Controller Glossary, and the Controller's Handbook, aka Air Traffic Control (JO 7110.65Y)...

April 2021 Quiz

You recently got the upholstery redone in your new-to-you Bonanza BE33. It’s a nice cream color with blue accents, and now with a nice...

March 2021 Quiz

February 2021 Quiz

Today, GPS is essential to a functioning society. Fortunately, detecting solar activity threats to GPS has evolved apace, as seen at NOAA’s Space Weather...

January 2021 Quiz