April 2021 Quiz

You recently got the upholstery redone in your new-to-you Bonanza BE33. It’s a nice cream color with blue accents, and now with a nice gash in the seat thanks to an errant screwdriver. You’ve made the 45-minute flight from Asheville, North Carolina (KAVL) back to Rock Hill, South Carolina (KUZA) to have the seat cushion […]

March 2021 Quiz

February 2021 Quiz

Today, GPS is essential to a functioning society. Fortunately, detecting solar activity threats to GPS has evolved apace, as seen at NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC). Test your knowledge of this rare but consequential phenomenon.

January 2021 Quiz

December 2020 Quiz

November 2020 Quiz

As surely as the sun rises, the FAA issued scheduled AIM changes in July. Many of these changes affect IFR operations. Last month we warned you about this quiz, so you surely reviewed those changes. Take our quiz and see how much you retained.

Caribbean Conundrum

Watching the world upended by the pandemic, you felt useless not knowing how to help, despite desperately wanting to. Then you caught wind of the perfect opportunity: a humanitarian aid organization was organizing a GA airlift of personal  protective equipment to several islands in the Caribbean. Helping mankind … Caribbean … you quickly pledged the […]

IFR Quiz: August 2020

Stabilized approaches help us avoid obstacles and loss of- control accidents as well as approach-and-landing accidents. They also provide more time for you to cope with ATC, weather, and to make the critical land-or-go-around decision. Test your knowledge of stabilized approaches and sharpen your approach skillset with these questions.

Slo-Town Lines: July 2020 Quiz

Visiting wineries has become a bit of a hobby of yours, and a perfect excuse to load up your Piper Malibu Mirage to make weekend getaways in the sometimes-remote places wineries seem to proliferate. You’ve exhausted most of what Northern California has to offer, so you’re now exploring further down the coast. You skipped out […]

June 2020 Quiz

You’re flying along under IFR, and ATC says, “Possible pilot deviation. Advise you contact Center. Advise when ready to copy phone number.” You have just received a “Brasher” warning. See if you know what to do.

May 2020 Quiz