Go Speed Racer

Today’s sim challenge is a race from Riverside, CA (KRAL) to Santa Monica, CA (KSMO), with stops along the way at Hawthorne (KHHR) and Fullerton (KFUL). It’s a quick trip—and you’re going to make it even shorter. The goal is to fly it as fast as possible, without getting a call from the virtual FAA […]

RTC In Florida

Since I’ve turned more pages in my personal calendar, my insurance required recurrent training increased from once in two years to every year. As much as I hate to admit it, the performance I demonstrated this year—although I was legally current and felt somewhat proficient—suggests that is a reasonable demand. This year, I chose Recurrent […]

Tem-Work In Tampa

The Lear 35 medical-transport flight on which I was the captain had just departed Tampa International (KTPA) for Portland, ME (KPWM) carrying an elderly patient and his wife. It was a busy departure as we were already looking for deviations around the typical Florida summertime thunderstorms. The “pop”—accompanied by the sound of rushing air—came just […]

Roll the Trucks

Some time ago, I wrote about what happens during an emergency in the tower. But wait. There’s more. Of course, few pilots have declared an emergency, and even fewer have actually had an incident or accident. Crashing an airplane is on nobody’s bucket list (I hope), however the probability of surviving a plane crash varies […]


Capstone, the first large-scale ADSB prototype, was deployed in Alaska in 1999 because Alaska had (and still has) the highest of any state’s aviation accident rate. Despite this challenging environment, by 2006, Capstoneequipped aircraft demonstrated a 47 per cent decline in accident rate compared to non-equipped aircraft in southwest Alaska. That same year, the FAA […]

Code of Conduct

The word “Model” is in the title because it articulates ways to achieve flying excellence without a canned set of rules. Tailor the code to help you become the best, safest aviator possible. Prerequisites The first prerequisite is a clear understanding of the fundamentals of flight. The code is not specific, but those four fundamentals […]

ATC Versus Pilot Regs

You might have heard the old adage, “The flight cannot be cleared for departure until the gross weight of the paperwork exceeds that of...

Legal? Or Safe?

Recently, a subscriber sent me a note to ask about the legality of departures into bad weather. At first, this seemed like a rather...

Safety Management

Kemper Aviation, a now-defunct flight school in Lantana, FL, was once clogged with over 100 young students. Some showed a lack of selfcontrol extending...

Emergency Returns

Aviation makes us mission-minded. The whole point of these flying machines is to go somewhere and do something, even if that’s just practice following...

Going in Circles

Many of us are in need of some instrument refreshing. After the usual winter hiatus, followed by all the restrictions of COVID-19, themrust might...

Train In New England

Like many of us, my insurance requires periodic formal recurrent training. Although choices are limited, I’ve tried to explore new (to me) facilities and...