Training & Sims

Save a Botched Approach

I remember a few years ago I watched my captain try vainly to intercept the localizer. He had a good intercept angle, but the needle just wouldnt come in. Interestingly enough, though, my HSI showed a completely different-and more reasonable-picture.

Flight Service Responds

For those of you who havent been following our little IFR soap opera with Lockheed Martin over Flight Service, heres the nutshell summary: We visited the under-construction Virginia hub of LMs Flight Service in 2006. It looked promising. We looked again in 2008 after the program fell on its face and was working to resurrect itself.

How To Train a Drag-on

Having flown with right-seaters who possess no more pilot credentials than having a pulse, I can attest that a brief interview with the co-pilot candidate and few minutes of chatting and playing with buttons in the cockpit can turn dead weight into useful load.

Jepps slow ipad efforts

Common wisdom in the computer world seems to be that if youre not adding features at breakneck speed, youre falling off the trailing edge into oblivion. We dont subscribe to that thinking; a good program doesnt need constant improvement to be a best tool.

Ice Equipment Failures

If theres one system that breeds overconfidence in the neophyte, its ice protection gear. Ice in the forecast? Youve got that known-ice Turbo Bugsmasher tucked away in a hangar just for such occasions. Problem solved, right? Not so fast.

IFR proficiency Online

I recently endured the annual torment known as recurrent training for FAA FASTeam Rep status. The process is just a minor torment: two 45-minute, pre-recorded sessions of narrated PowerPoint with quizzes at the end. Its the kind of training thats more a checkbox on some bureaucratic tally sheet than any effective means of teaching.

Fly Into BigCity IntL

If none of your vast experience involves a major international airport, it is incomplete. There are times when flying into a big airport is...

Real bird vs. RedBird

The physical world is full of inverse proportions and one I've noticed is that when winter temperatures dip to, say, 20 degrees, my northern...

Dont Fear The Red X

As a technician, I think of EFIS in terms of failures. While most pilots don't need to dig deep into system schematics, a little...

Automation Paradigm

Until just recently, the role for most pilots was pilot flying with manual control, occasionally supplemented with autoflight when the workload was high and...

Avidyne Ups the Ante

From my bench at the avionics shop, I see a lot of interest in Avidyne's new IFD-series navigators. Many potential buyers are intrigued by...

On The Visual

Instrument training is naturally geared towards technology-heavy procedures like ILS, VOR and RNAV approaches. In poor weather these instrument procedures are the only way to land, but when the weathers good, theres another option.