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IFR is written by and for instrument pilots of all experience levels. From day one, IFR has dealt not with the FAA's fantasy of how the system should work, but the harsh reality of how it actually does work.

In IFR, you'll find realistic, practical articles about instrument technique, ATC procedures, avionics and accident analysis, all delivered in a bright, entertaining style.

If you're tired of tedious, glib articles about instrument flying bound in the typical slick color magazine and you long for in-depth, realistic treatment of the subject, IFR is for you.

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The Appleman Line Full Story |Subscribe Now

In Flight Icing - The Appleman LineIn-Flight Icing - Legal or not, some pilots knowingly enter icing for a brief period so long as there's some guarantee that they can swiftly find an altitude free of ice. Dozens of studies have closed in on the magic forecast showing where the ice will be and where it won't, but none of them are perfect.

Just Let AFSS fade away Full Story |Subscribe Now

Flight Service SystemPilots are complaining about the condition of the LockMart Flight Service system. They're torqued off by long wait times, lost flight plans, the lack of customer service, and a perception that "local expertise" is missing from weather briefings. We all know that the FAA gave up operation of Flight Service Stations and turned the reins over to Corporate America. Good fiscal move on the part of the FAA?

Safety Pilot in IMC Full Story |Subscribe Now

Safety PilotYes, Darwin might argue against getting in an airplane with anyone learning in IMC, but Bill had several hours of actual conditions while instrument training in his Cessna R182. He was also a gifted pilot with an innate finesse. I reasoned that, if his control manipulation were so subliminal, then all of his focused attention would be solely on IFR.

Stepping up to Glass Full Story|Subscribe Now

IFR Primary Flight Displays - PFDs and MFDsPrimary flight displays (PFDs) and multi-function displays (MFDs) are the standard from new, high-performance machines down to many of the light sport aircraft. Setting aside the debate on their utility vs. their cost, the question of what it takes to make the switch from steam gauges to flat panels is unanswered for many pilots.

I was flying VFR with flight following to Caldwell, N.J., (KCDW) and had the following exchange:

New York Approach: "Skyhawk Three One Seven Bravo Tango, you have a Boeing 737 at your six o'clock, overtaking you and a thousand feet above you."
Me: "Looking for traffic."
New York Approach: "Continental 213, you have Cessna traffic at your twelve o'clock, one thousand feet below you." Continental 213: "Traffic in sight."
Me: (as the 737 passes above me): "New York Approach, Seven Bravo Tango has traffic in sight."
New York Approach: "Three One Seven Bravo Tango, thank you, maintain VFR separa - well, I guess that's a technicality. You couldn't catch him if you wanted to."
Me: "I could ... if I wanted to."
Continental 213: "You're gonna have to pedal faster than that."

Jared Max Hendler
Bethesda, Md.


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