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Readback: July 2022

Just Cancel As a retired Center controller with significant airport control experience, I cringe every time I hear the following on ATC frequencies at non-towered airports, ATC: “Report airport in sight for visual approach.” Pilot: “Airport in sight.” ATC: “Cleared visual approach to (XXX) airport. No traffic observed between you and the airport. Change to […]

Readback: June 2022

More Logging vs. Acting PIC I’ve been a subscriber to your excellent magazine for about 20 years now, and I always enjoy the care with which you treat regulations, which is why I was surprised to read the text at the top of Bill Dolson’s story “High Altitude Training” in the Jan 2022 issue. The […]

IFR vs. VFR Right Of Way

Non-towered Longmont Airport (KLMO) had one RNAV 28 instrument approach. It’s not unusual to have five airplanes in the pattern. On this particular VFR day, one was lifting off from a touch-and-go, another was on crosswind, the third neared midfield downwind, another turned from downwind to base, and another airplane was on short final. In […]

Readback: April 2022

How Can They Do That? We have some Pilots and even CFIIs flying contact approaches into S50. The regulation for contact approach requires both flight and ground visibility of one mile. While there is some weather reporting on the field it doesn’t include any kind of visibility. Aren’t they breaking the rules? Shouldn’t ATC Approach […]

Readback: March 2022

Proceed on Course Can you address the topic of “Proceed On Course” vs. “Proceed Direct xxx”? Specifically, if after being vectored during a departure and ATC says “Proceed on Course” does that mean fly direct to the next fix or fly back towards my original GPS course line and follow that to the next fix? […]

Readback: February 2022

Gimme More Pain I’ve always enjoyed your magazine. Lately, however, it seems that your articles are less rigorous. Perhaps less challenging is a better choice of words. I prefer your sim challenges to be near impossible, your quizzes to be near impenetrable, your weather articles to be arcane. I learn more that way. Larry Marquez, […]

Readback: January 2022

Looks Like ... Or Is?In the November Briefing segment about the Rolls-Royce electric airplane, Russ Niles states it “…bears resemblance to the Relentless unlimited...

Readback: November 2021

Need an Alternate?I read your reply, “That’s Just Some Clouds” in August, to a letter stating an alternate was not required because the forecast...

Readback: October 2021

Real-World VMC“VMC Analyzed” in September 2020 by Bob Teter was excellent and triggered some memories for me.I left the Air Force in 1963 after...

Readback: September 2021

Gimme More VasquezYour May issue had “Surface Charts” by Tim Vasquez. This outstanding article has been long needed. I found it highly informative and...

Readback: August 2021

That's Just Some CloudsI’m curious about your comment in “It’s Raining Regs” IFR Clinic back in August 2018, where no alternate is required per...

Readback: June 2021

Oxygen If You're Tired?I enjoyed Victor Vogel’s “Managing Fatigue” in your April issue. I have asked many people and read many articles. No one...