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Readback: February 2022

Gimme More Pain I’ve always enjoyed your magazine. Lately, however, it seems that your articles are less rigorous. Perhaps less challenging is a better choice of words. I prefer your sim challenges to be near impossible, your quizzes to be near impenetrable, your weather articles to be arcane. I learn more that way. Larry Marquez, […]

Readback: January 2022

Looks Like … Or Is? In the November Briefing segment about the Rolls-Royce electric airplane, Russ Niles states it “…bears resemblance to the Relentless unlimited racer at the Reno Air Races.” I’m sure Russ is aware that the Relentless Racing airplane was built from a Nemesis NXT kit which is also what Rolls-Royce used as […]

Readback: November 2021

Need an Alternate? I read your reply, “That’s Just Some Clouds” in August, to a letter stating an alternate was not required because the forecast of 1800 scattered at a nearby Class C airport doesn’t constitute a ceiling. I agree with that but my CFII says if your destination airport doesn’t have a TAF, you […]

Readback: October 2021

Real-World VMC “VMC Analyzed” in September 2020 by Bob Teter was excellent and triggered some memories for me. I left the Air Force in 1963 after flying the C-135. I took all my paperwork to the FAA, expecting to leave with a B-707 type rating. They granted me a multi-engine, instrument, commercial rating, but withheld […]

Readback: September 2021

Gimme More Vasquez Your May issue had “Surface Charts” by Tim Vasquez. This outstanding article has been long needed. I found it highly informative and I loved it. I am a former USAF pilot with 4500 hours total time, now mostly civilian. This is the type of information I find most helpful and valuable. Please […]

Readback: August 2021

That’s Just Some Clouds I’m curious about your comment in “It’s Raining Regs” IFR Clinic back in August 2018, where no alternate is required per §91.167 even though the ceiling is only 1800 feet. LeRoy MelcherHouston, TX We assume you’re referring to the statement in the article, “You needn’t file an alternate airport per exceptions […]

Readback: June 2021

Oxygen If You're Tired?I enjoyed Victor Vogel’s “Managing Fatigue” in your April issue. I have asked many people and read many articles. No one...

Readback: May 2021

Want Some Old Mags?A long-time friend, reader, and frequent contributor to these pages has a physical archive of most of the issues of IFR...

Readback: April 2021

NA at Night Workarounds? An instrument approach procedure states “Procedure not authorized at night.” Can this approach be flown at night in VMC on...

Readback: March 2021

Stop If You Need To As with all pilot actions, communications are last. Reference the June 2020 article, “Towered Field Ops,” and the subsequent Readback...

Readback: February 2021

Where’s My Magazine? I seem to have a lost subscription problem. The last issue of IFR I received was Volume 36 Number 9. As you...

Readback: January 2021

Cleared ... How? Regarding “Cutting You Loose” in the July issue, I’ve never actually been cleared by ATC with “Proceed on course,” after an off-route...