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Readback: August 2021

That’s Just Some Clouds I’m curious about your comment in “It’s Raining Regs” IFR Clinic back in August 2018, where no alternate is required per §91.167 even though the ceiling is only 1800 feet. LeRoy MelcherHouston, TX We assume you’re referring to the statement in the article, “You needn’t file an alternate airport per exceptions […]

Readback: June 2021

Oxygen If You’re Tired? I enjoyed Victor Vogel’s “Managing Fatigue” in your April issue. I have asked many people and read many articles. No one has ever said, “Why yes, supplemental oxygen will help keep you wide awake.” This has included AME’s, IFR instructors, et. al. Is there an FAA rule against saying that? Or […]

Readback: May 2021

Want Some Old Mags? A long-time friend, reader, and frequent contributor to these pages has a physical archive of most of the issues of IFR Magazine, including issue #1 from 1988. He’s grown tired of stumbling over them in his office and wants to pass them along to someone who might appreciate them. The magazines […]

Readback: April 2021

NA at Night Workarounds? An instrument approach procedure states “Procedure not authorized at night.” Can this approach be flown at night in VMC on an IFR flight plan? Can it be flown at night VMC on a VFR flight? In addition, getting into the minutiae— that’s the fun part—what constitutes the “procedure”? Is it the […]

Readback: March 2021

Stop If You Need To As with all pilot actions, communications are last. Reference the June 2020 article, “Towered Field Ops,” and the subsequent Readback item in August. When landing, the pilot is expected to taxi completely off the runway, whether or not blocking a taxiway. The airplane should be stopped and the post-landing checklist […]

Readback: February 2021

Where’s My Magazine? I seem to have a lost subscription problem. The last issue of IFR I received was Volume 36 Number 9. As you can see, my subscription runs to February 2021. Can you fix this? Howard Congdon Mill Hall, PA As noted in the “Contact IFR” box on Page 4 or Page 5 […]

Readback: January 2021

Cleared ... How? Regarding “Cutting You Loose” in the July issue, I’ve never actually been cleared by ATC with “Proceed on course,” after an off-route...

Readback: December 2020

“X” Not Always the Spot Reference September’s article, “Do You Know ICAO?” It might be interesting to note that, while the FAA usually follows ICAO standards, particularly for navigation, the FAA’s computer navigation fixes (an “×” on our instrument charts) are neither adopted nor recognized by ICAO. Adam Vance Allston, MA Tow Bars: Ground Use […]

Readback: November 2020

Turn Off a Satellite? Some FMCs have a satellite deselection function. Some don’t. Why and when should this be used? Pablo Farias Dezontini - São Paulo, Brazil Normally...

Readback: October 2020

Mins Deep Dive Deep Thought I read your “Deep Dive into Mins” article in the July issue in which you cite AIM 5-4-7.c. I believe...

Readback: September 2020

Oops! That Sinking Feeling... I feel the need to share my recent screwup with other pilots because I firmly believe that we can all benefit...

Readback: August 2020

Finds Skew-T Useful I must categorize Mr. Mazza’s comments in “Readback” in the May issue as uninformed. Far from being the domain of only professional...