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Briefing: May 2021

AERION PARTNERS WITH FLIGHT SAFETY Aerion has announced plans to collaborate with Flight Safety International to develop a flight training academy for supersonic civil, commercial, and military aircraft. The announcement came as pre-orders ramp up for the company’s AS2 supersonic business jet. NetJets has taken options on 20 and the manufacturer says the deal brings […]

Briefing: April 2021

TERRAFUGIA LEAVES U.S. FOR CHINA Flying car maker Terrafugia laid off most of its staff at its U.S. headquarters and will move to China. The company, which makes a folding-wing vehicle designed to drive to the airport and take off and land on conventional runways, recently received Special Light Sport Aircraft airworthiness certificate from the […]

Briefing: March 2021

FAA CERTIFICATION CHANGES MANDATED The FAA must change portions of its existing aircraft certification process but the overall structure will stay in place following passage of the Aircraft Certification, Safety and Accountability Act. The concept of organization delegation authorization (ODA), in which the companies themselves conduct much of the certification oversight, survived the final version […]

Briefing: February 2021

KING AIR 260 ANNOUNCED Textron has introduced an updated 200-series King Air. The King Air 260 has Innovative Solutions & Support (IS&S) ThrustSense autothrottle, a new digital pressurization controller and the Collins Aerospace Multi-Scan RTA-4112 weather radar. “These investments reflect our commitment to providing superior upgrades and engineering innovation that create the best flying experience […]

Briefing: January 2021

ELECTRIC WINGSUIT FLOWN Electric propulsion is showing up in every corner of aviation and an Austrian skydiver has launched an electrically boosted wingsuit. Peter Salzmann and BMW collaborated on the contraption that will allow a wingsuit pilot to climb briefly and reach speeds of up to 186 mph. Salzmann leapt from a helicopter at 10,000 […]

Briefing: December 2020

NTSB INVESTIGATING REMOTELY The NTSB hasn’t sent staff to an accident scene since last March and it’s unlikely to start doing so anytime soon. The board issued a travel ban at the outset of the pandemic and it won’t be lifted until COVID-19 is under control. “The safety of NTSB staff is the Chairman’s and […]

Briefing: November 2020

OWNERS TAKE OVER MOONEY MANAGEMENT Mooney announced in August that a new management group made up of “pilots and Mooney owners” has taken over operations at the Kerrville, Texas plant. The new CEO is Jonny Pollack and he said his top priority is to ensure support for the existing fleet. “Our first and immediate focus […]

Briefing: October 2020

SUPERSONIC DESIGN FLOATED Virgin Galactic has jumped into the supersonic aircraft business with a Mach 3 intercontinental jet that will seat up to 19 people and...

Briefing: September 2020

PILOT DATABASE EXPANSION OPPOSED NBAA is fighting a proposed FAA pilot record database that will require airlines and so-called “gateway operators” to keep files on...

Briefing: August 2020

FLIGHT DIRECTOR “CONFLICT” LED TO CRASH The struggle to find balance between pilot input and autonomous control of aircraft added another chapter with the revelation...

Briefing: July 2020

AIRVENTURE 2021 ALSO IN QUESTION To no one’s surprise, EAA cancelled this year’s AirVenture and there’s no guarantee the big show will go ahead in...

Briefing: June 2020

PAX GRABBED BAGS DURING EVACUATION A video distributed by Russian government investigators showed passengers escaping a burning Aeroflot Superjet 100 leaving the aircraft with carry-on...