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Briefing: February 2022

United Aviate Academy Begins Training United Airlines is now officially in the flight-training business with the first few classes at its Aviate flight academy now going through their training. United launched the school as part of its answer to the continuing pilot shortage. The school is based at Phoenix Goodyear Airport in Arizona and puts […]

Briefing: January 2022

Fuel From Air Swiss researchers say jet fuel can be made out of thin air but it will take a massively expensive effort to set up the infrastructure. The scientists said they can take water vapor and carbon dioxide from air and crack it into carbon and hydrogen using solar power. The resulting “syngas” can […]

Briefing: November 2021

Rolls-Royce Flies Electric Prototype Rolls-Royce says the successful first flight of its sporty-looking electric aircraft prototype will launch a series of test flights, some of which will potentially push the plane to 300 mph or faster. The plane, which bears resemblance to the Relentless unlimited racer at the Reno Air Races, took off from the […]

Briefing: October 2021

POLICE DRONE HITS 172 A flight school Cessna 172 was damaged in a collision with a police drone while on final for a busy GA airport in Toronto in early August. Canadian authorities said the Canadian Flyers 172, with an instructor and student on board, hit a drone operated by the York Regional Police about […]

Briefing: September 2021

CFIS WARNED ABOUT “VOLUNTEER” FLIGHTS AOPA is warning CFIs to get their paperwork in order if they teach people to fly anything but standard category aircraft. Earlier this year, after legal wrangling over the prosecution of a Florida business for giving flying lessons on a P-40, the agency took a hard and very literal position […]

Briefing: August 2021

Garmin Autoland Wins Collier Garmin’s Autoland system won the 2020 Collier Trophy as the top technological achievement in aviation. It was up against some formidable competition, including the Bell V 280 Valor, Boeing Confident Travel Initiative, Reliable Robotics Remotely Operated Aircraft System (ROAS), SpaceX Falcon 9 and Dragon 2, U.S. Department of the Air Force […]

Briefing: July 2021

BREEZE GETS OPERATING CERTIFICATEBreeze Airways got its operating certificate from the Department of Transportation but its staffing model and pay scales prompted controversy before...

Briefing: June 2021

APPS BETTER THAN FLIGHT SERVICEThe FAA says pilots are better off getting preflight information electronically than from Flight Service briefers. Updated guidance on preflight...

Briefing: May 2021

AERION PARTNERS WITH FLIGHT SAFETYAerion has announced plans to collaborate with Flight Safety International to develop a flight training academy for supersonic civil, commercial,...

Briefing: April 2021

TERRAFUGIA LEAVES U.S. FOR CHINAFlying car maker Terrafugia laid off most of its staff at its U.S. headquarters and will move to China. The...

Briefing: March 2021

FAA CERTIFICATION CHANGES MANDATED The FAA must change portions of its existing aircraft certification process but the overall structure will stay in place following passage...

Briefing: February 2021

KING AIR 260 ANNOUNCED Textron has introduced an updated 200-series King Air. The King Air 260 has Innovative Solutions & Support (IS&S) ThrustSense autothrottle, a...