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Caveat Emptor

Consider the contradiction we pilots face between the ultimate responsibility as PIC and working in an environment where the successful completion of our tasks requires us to trust those around us. As PICs we’re responsible for … everything. It’s the ultimate “buck stops here” situation where everything falls on our shoulders. We’re responsible for the […]

Remarks: July 2021

On To AirventureFor three days I attended SUN 'n FUN Aerospace Expo at the Lakeland Linder Regional Airport, Florida, and have a few observations...

Remarks: Consistency

There are a few reasons airlines are safer than general aviation. Now, airline pilots commonly fly at least 50 to 80 hours a month or more. Of course, mere frequency doesn’t necessarily make one better at performing a task, but that frequency when coupled with rigorous performance and a desire to improve one’s skill does. […]

Remarks: Comfort Zone

Over the last few months, I’ve been working with a friend, Tom, who’s looking to expand his aeronautical horizons. His comfort zone is getting...

Remarks: Milestones

Experts in print media say that it’s bad form for an editor to focus his/ her remarks on the magazine itself. “Be original,” they say. “Write about something related to the industry.” I’m going to ignore that guidance, but—I hope you’ll agree—with good reason. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last 40 […]

Remarks: Conservatism

Back in the January issue, my Remarks outlined how I try to look at my flying choices through the lens of an accident report if the choices don’t work out. There is a corollary to that and it’s worth exploring; consider this an extension of my January Remarks. I got my private certificate when I […]

Expectation Bias

Years ago when I moved into a new neighborhood, I was exploring different routes to drive to my new house. After only a short while, perhaps even just a few days, a stop sign showed up at an intersection with another residential street on one of the routes I was beginning to favor. I believed […]

Remarks: How’s That Look?

Sometimes we stretch the regulations, or worse, common sense. Some examples include VFR weather minimums (scud running), night currency, or even logging. Don’t get me...

Go or No Go?

Every pilot has been faced with a marginal go/no-go decision. Sometimes it’s marginal weather that, if it gets no worse, is a go. But, if it gets even a little worse, it’d be no-go. And, sometimes it’s a mechanical issue that might not quite rise to the level of being unairworthy. But it could. For […]

Remarks: Remembering Checkrides

Recently my wife and I were musing about my checkrides, so I went through them. My private endured loneliness for about 15 years before...

Master Pilot

Perhaps you know of the FAA’s Wright Brothers Master Pilot award recognizing 50 years of safe flying. I looked into it but the documentation...

Circle From An ILS?

Recently a reader wrote to ask me a question that’s been provoking a lot of thought here in the IFR virtual offices. This particular...