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That Illusive Proficiency

Simulators first made a believer of me when I got a Pacer Mk II in 1978. In 10 years, I put over 1000 hours on it. It augmented my Cessna 172 so faithfully that I successfully moved 15 pilots through their instrument rating and completed 40 IPCs with its help. An FAA authorization allowed 15 […]

Staying Engaged

Recently I attended a Rusty Pilot session and learned (or re-learned as the case may be) several aspects of our aviating world that laid dormant in my little gray cells for far too long. Although I have been an active presenter of this constructive AOPA educational series for three years, it has been on hold […]

Pitching Type Clubs, Again

When I needed (well, wanted) a step-up airplane 20 years ago, I decided it would be a twin. Ultimately, we sold our Mooney and purchased our current Cessna 340. But long before that purchase, I joined The Twin Cessna Flyers (TTCF) for education and research on these pressurized cabin-class twins. The magazine alone helped me […]

Reflections: January 2022

Each new year presents an opportunity to review the last 12 months. Like our editor in 2020, 2021 saw me receive the FAA Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award for a half-century of flawless flying. Okay, it wasn’t truly flawless, but nothing got bent. As I review this period, I am somewhat amazed at the metamorphosis […]


Mental processes of multitasking are not well understood and probably few of us look at this from the perspective of flying. We scan and interpret instruments relative to our current flight profile, review the approach, respond to ATC, and—oh yeah—fly the airplane. We might redirect our scan or perform other tasks based on sights, sounds, […]

Safe Enough

Many of my previous Remarksmhave touched on what’s safe in general aviation, but that’s a conversation worth continuing. Long ago I concluded that “safe” is a concept and a goal, not a measure. What’s to say that one activity is safe but another is not? It’s mostly just relative to the skill and comfort of each individual […]

Getting Youth Involved

One failure of GA in the U.S. is the dearth of young aviators, creating a pilot shortage. While many colleges and flight schools attempt...

Caveat Emptor

Consider the contradiction we pilots face between the ultimate responsibility as PIC and working in an environment where the successful completion of our tasks...

Remarks: July 2021

On To AirventureFor three days I attended SUN 'n FUN Aerospace Expo at the Lakeland Linder Regional Airport, Florida, and have a few observations...

Remarks: Consistency

There are a few reasons airlines are safer than general aviation. Now, airline pilots commonly fly at least 50 to 80 hours a month...

Remarks: Comfort Zone

Over the last few months, I’ve been working with a friend, Tom, who’s looking to expand his aeronautical horizons. His comfort zone is getting...

Remarks: Milestones

Experts in print media say that it’s bad form for an editor to focus his/ her remarks on the magazine itself. “Be original,” they...