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ACS Might Be Regulatory

Even if you got your instrument rating 30 years ago, this still affects you since the requirements for an IPC are in the ACS.

IFR Quiz—March 2024

Occasionally it’s good to go back and review the basics. This quiz shares wake-turbulence information you may not know. Don’t let one catch you by surprise.

Readback – March 2024

Sim to Match My Panel Your article on simulators probably saved me $20k for a BATD that is nothing like the panel on my aircraft....

March Briefing

MOSAIC Comments Show Support The future of the Modernization of Special Airworthiness Certification (MOSAIC) is in the hands of the FAA after a six-month comment...

Staying Proficient

Staying proficient, or getting there if you’re not proficient, has long been a challenge for the typical general-aviation pilot. Of course, a proficient pilot...

Mix and Match

Sun, smoke, or night can turn “VFR” effectively into IMC. However, technical VFR offers a chance to borrow procedures from IFR and VFR to get the job done.

Improve Your ADM

The IMSAFE and PAVE models are well-known aids to proper aeronautical decision making. Yet, we continue to make bad decisions. This study might help.

Can You Handle It?

Winter means tighter limits on weather, fuel, and time. But this doesn’t eliminate all the risks, even with a solid alternate—so be prepared, which often means proficient.

February Readback

Quiz Goof The November quiz was hands down the best summary of SIDSs and ODPs I have ever read. Curious about your answer to Question...

Surface Charts

Let’s take a closer look at the most commonly used type of weather chart and learn what it can tell us.

On The Air—February 2024

Somewhere over the Sierra Nevadas (I was near Lake Tahoe, but it’s a big sector): Delta 123: (Extremely indignant tone) “Oakland Center, Delta 123, we’re...

February Briefing

Breaking news in general aviation.