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These Three Approaches

In “Which Three Approaches?” (September 2022 IFR) we discussed the FAA Chief Counsel’s abandonment of earlier restrictive interpretations of the dual cross-country prerequisite for the instrument rating. The flight, described in §61.65(d)(2)(ii) of the FAA regulations must include “three different kinds of approaches with the use of navigation systems.” The 2008 Glaser and the 2012 […]

Pacific Northwest

For those of us who dwell in the southern and eastern states, Seattle makes us think of craft beer, grunge music, sprawling Boeing factories, and relentless drizzle and fog. I won’t comment on Pearl Jam or what’s new at Boeing, but I can definitely help decipher the weather. Fortunately the basics are easy to understand. […]

BasicMed Safety Pilots

The article, “Safety Pilot Rules” (March 2020 IFR), talked about the ins and outs of safety pilot roles, qualifications, responsibilities, and logging. Under 14 C.F.R. §91.109(c) safety pilots are considered required crewmembers. The minimum requirements for acting as a safety pilot are (1) a private pilot or higher certificate, (2) the applicable aircraft category and […]

Finish The Job

The second leg of your Tennessee-to-Kentucky journey (see January IFR) is going more smoothly than the first, but there are yet some tough decisions to make before parking for the night at Lexington, Kentucky. There’s the matter of working around a busy airport with a runway closure in marginal VFR weather. Oh, and it’ll be […]

Stacking ‘Em

Ever seen those videos of a retail store opening on Black Friday? The doors crack open. A tumbling mass of humanity spews in. Fights break out. People get trampled. Just good holiday fun… There are some days as an air traffic controller where it seems every single IFR airplane is filed the same route at […]

IFR Quiz February 2023

The FAA released AIM Change 3 to the public in November 2022. If you didn’t get the memo, here’s a chance to redeem yourself. There’s no consistent theme as topics covered are all over the place.

Download The Full February 2023 Issue PDF


Download The Full January 2023 Issue PDF

  • Stupid Pilot Tricks
  • Incommunicado
  • Paradoxical Minimums
  • Quiz: Aeronautical Charts
  • GPS Nav Problems
  • You Can’t Rush Things
  • Winter Storms

Paradoxical Minimums

Rocky Mountain Metro (KBJC, “Metro”) is an active general aviation airport located about 21 NM west of Denver International Airport (KDEN) and just outside of the westernmost north-south border of Denver Class B airspace. While the elevation of Metro is 5673 feet MSL, about 10 miles to the west, the Rocky Mountains reach altitudes of […]

Upgrading to a new Airplane?

Recently I helped a friend purchase a Cessna 340A similar to what I fly. He’s pleased with his purchase. In fact, when word got out, another local pilot who’s looking for a 340A approached me, and I’ve begun helping him, leading me to consider the process. This airplane is an upgrade for both pilots, so […]


Airborne communications failures can be uncomfortable at best. It’s eerie hearing the radios go quiet when they should be bustling with transmissions, and you can’t tell anyone about your plight. It gets even worse when it’s a sign of something more serious, like an electrical system failure. It’s here where you must let good judgment […]

Winter Storms

When winter arrives, it’s nice not to have to worry about big thunderstorms, high density altitudes, and being bounced all over the place flying the local pattern. But winter brings a few tradeoffs: a big increase in IMC, stratified precipitation, icing, high-level clear-air turbulence, all-day windstorms, and of course the short daylight hours. The biggest […]