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IFR Quiz—May 2024

Occasionally it’s good to go back and review the basics. This quiz shares wake-turbulence information you may not know. Don’t let one catch you by surprise.

Mixing It Up

Combining IFR and VFR modes in one trip can happen in a number of ways for your flying convenience. Just know how to work the options to stay legal and safe.

Flight Plan Codes

Years after the FAA adopted the so-called ICAO flight plan for all flights, many pilots still don’t really understand what codes to put in the boxes. We can help.

Security in the NAS

In 32 of the last 35 years we have seen aircraft hijackings. How does our Air Traffic Control System combat these and other security threats?

On the Air—May 2024

I was flying across Lower Michigan above a solid overcast at 5000 feet. A nearby VFR plane at 5500 asked for lower. Great Lakes...

Flight Sim Coach

We emphasize the benefits of simulators, encouraging instrument pilots to use them in their training. But what if you don’t know how to effectively make use of ‘em?

Proficient Currency

Fly this exercise twice in an FAA-approved sim, with variations, and you’ll be current. Fly it to checkride standards on any sim, and you’re definitely proficient, too.

Readback—May 2024

Young, New Subscriber I’ve just received my copy of the Feb issue—it’s my first. I’m glad I’ve found your magazine—it’s a very interesting read. My plan...

Flying is Expensive

That title shouldn’t surprise anyone, but in the last two years I’ve been painfully reminded of the depth and truth of that.

Briefing—May 2024

ALPA Says Pilot Supply “Stable” The Air Line Pilots Association has declared the U.S. pilot supply “stable” after two years of going against the grain...

The Thunderstorm

Let’s take a fresh look at storms to be ready as winter winds down and we anticipate an active storm season ahead..

George Doesn’t know

No, we’re not going to beat you up for relying on your GPS. Instead, our concern is overreliance on your autopilot. But not for reasons you might think.