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Wind Shear

In aviation meteorology articles we often focus on the big problems: thunderstorms, heavy fog, low ceilings, and icing, all of which are responsible for...

October 2023 Quiz

As GA aircraft fly higher and higher, the risk of hypoxia increases. In August and September 2014, a Cirrus SR22T and a TBM 700...


I flew out of Boeing Field in Seattle and was assigned the CBAIN departure with fixes: GNEXX, KURRT, and CBAIN. If you depart in...

JFK’s Canarsie Approach

At first look, the title VOR or GPS RWY 13L/R approach presumes a straight-in approach to two runways or that the final approach...

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  • Altitude Preselect
  • JFK’s Canarsie Approach
  • Quiz: Hypoxia
  • Challenging Upgrade
  • Mixing It Up
  • Wind Shear

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  • Proficiency Maneuvers
  • Logging Sim Time
  • Special VFR
  • Quiz: Choosing Alternates
  • Belt, Suspenders, Rope
  • Don't Ignore NOTAMs
  • Hurricanes

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  • Island Hoping
  • Autopilot Trim
  • In a Pickle
  • Quiz: NTSB Part 830
  • Runway Incursions
  • Seeing is Believing
  • Nowcasting

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  • ATC Zero
  • Chart Subtleties
  • What Is VMC? 
  • Quiz: AIM Changes
  • ATC Saves the Day
  • Just a Little Different
  • Summer Weather

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  • Smooth Way Down
  • ATC Uses Checklists Too
  • Circling Revisited
  • Fuel Blunders
  • Quiz: Oh Say Can You See
  • Those Grey Areas
  • Convection

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  • Two Up, Two Down
  • Nail The Speed=Good Landing
  • Who Changed Your Route?
  • How’s Your Scan?
  • Right Approach Speeds
  • Flight Plan Route
  • Quiz: Comms
  • Near Midair Collisions
  • Done That lately?
  • Brief Like a Forecaster

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  • Radar Revisited
  • Cancel with Runway in Sight?
  • Try to Avoid the EMAS
  • Even Sims can be VMC
  • Towerless Tribulations
  • The Airport Diagram
  • IFR Muscle Builders
  • Potpourri Quiz
  • Build Your Own Sim, Pt. 4
  • Drilling Down

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  • Avionics Systems Issues
  • Don’t Hit The Ground
  • Random Holds
  • Quiz: En-Route IFR
  • Altitude Discretion
  • Dilemmas At Dusk
  • The Southern Plains