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Make a Safety Net

Destination alternates are common elements in any plan, but not so much takeoff alternates. They can be a big help should a flight get cut really short.

On The Air – April 2024

A couple of years ago I was getting back into IFR procedures after a time away from flying, and had just installed some fancy...

ATC Workload Truths

Ever watched news about ATC—controllers falling asleep, doing drugs, near misses? Can any of that be true? Here is one controller’s perspective.

Condition Reports

Winter flying may almost be over but arctic blasts are still possible. Do you understand all the field-condition reporting jargon? After this, you will…

Hybrid Approaches

Perhaps you call them “Frankenstein” approaches since these require both RNAV (GPS) and conventional navigation, grabbing pieces from each.

Readback – April 2024

How Do Ya Spell That? In Elaine Kauh’s article, “Plans Change,” in the January issue of IFR Magazine, there is an error in the route...

IFR Quiz—April 2024

Occasionally it’s good to go back and review the basics. This quiz shares wake-turbulence information you may not know. Don’t let one catch you by surprise.

Briefing – April 2024

Flight Training Fatalities Cut In Half Flight training fatalities have been cut in half in the last 20 years according to stats compiled by AOPA...


During the pandemic, we suffered increased lead times for things. Generally, these lengthy lead times were called “supply chain problems” or just “supply chain.”...


Stability and instability are responsible for much of the weather we encounter. But what exactly does all that mean?

Make the Call

When’s the last time you reviewed your lost-com procedures? It can still happen...

Conquering Biases

No, we’re not departing from aviation-related information to give you a lesson in political correctness. But certain pilot biases can cause trouble.