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Safety Pilot Rules

Schedules, climate, and other factors can limit our ability to maintain instrument currency in actual instrument conditions. The FAA allows us to maintain currency...

Are You Ready for MON?

While most swans that we see have white feathers, black swans do exist. In 2007, Nassim Nicholas Taleb published a book titled Black Swan....

Paper Stops

Information is the foundation on which air traffic control is built. Controllers absorb tons of data as we work our traffic—winds and weather conditions,...

Readback: March 2020

Sim Challenge Workout I love the magazine! Amazing work all around. I just completed Jeff Van West’s November Sim Challenge (around Monterey, CA) on my own...

Briefing: March 2020

Fuel Dump Raises Questions The FAA says it will “thoroughly investigate” the circumstances of an emergency landing by a Delta 777 at LAX that involved...

State of the Industry

Those of you who regularly read my remarks have probably noticed that I don’t often take on global subjects, instead preferring to discuss narrow...

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February 2020 Quiz

Recently the FAA learned of some pilot confusion regarding compliance with climb gradients on IFR departures and/or missed approaches. Assuage the FAA’s...

ILS on the Block

In 2015, the FAA began looking to rationalize ILS approaches. In this context, rationalize means cut. The following year, the FAA developed a cost/benefit quantitative model and conducted an analysis at about 2900 airports with few or no RNAV SIDs or STARs. The finished product was a plan to decommission Cat I ILS approaches at some of these airports between 2020-2030. Before a decision was reached, the project was shelved in 2017.

Choose a Shortcut

Things are getting busy approaching Trenton, Tennessee, Gibson County (KTGC), even though its not that bad. But the skies are grey enough to make you squint as you enter the overcast. Youve also entered, as youll soon find out, the murky realm of the regs. A cold crust of rime clings to the aluminum and probably the antennas, so youre anxious to get into that toasty hangar at TGC. Worse, the suns going down and the gyros acting up. So any shortcuts (safe and legal, of course) would be great right about now.

Winter in the West

During low index patterns, these frontal systems can be quite deep, even extending into southern California, producing cold-core lows and showery weather. This also tends to allow moisture to circumvent the Sierra Nevadas through the Mojave Desert into the Great Basin, causing snowstorms eastward into Utah. These deep storm systems are particularly favored during El Nio years (the pattern this winter is neither El Nio nor La Nia), but they can occur in any season and theyll definitely have impacts on your flying plans.

On The Air: February 2020

In case you have any interest or desire in hanging out with the ghosts of movie actors, head on over to the HLYWD ONE ARRIVAL at Los Angeles (KLAX). There you will find Marilyn Monroe (MNROE), Bette Midler (MDLER), Steve McQueen (MCQWN), Clint Eastwood (ESTWD), Paul Newman (NWMAN), Charlie Chaplin (CHPLN), Clark Gable (GABBL) and Henry Fonda or one of his children (FNNDA).