2017 IFR Editorial Index

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Air Traffic Control Notebook

Approach Clearance Kramer, Tarrance Sep/9

ATC History Berge, Paul Aug/9

Echoes Of Errors Past Kramer, Tarrance Jun/12

Flight Data Controller Kramer, Tarrance May/9

How We Goof With ATC Simonds, Fred Feb/15

In The Hot Seat Kramer, Tarrance Apr/6

Rotary Revelations Kramer, Tarrance Jan/9

Staying Afloat Kramer, Tarrance Nov/6

Working The Problem Kramer, Tarrance Oct/6

Avionics and New Tech

Garmin Connext V2 Bowlin, Frank Jan/16

The Checklist We Want Bowlin, Frank Dec/12


Across The Pond Kauh, Elaine Jul/16

Capital Line Items Van West, Jeff Mar/18

Charting On The MTA Van West, Jeff Jun/18

Charting Two For One Van West, Jeff Apr/18

Dark On The Details Kauh, Elaine Dec/10

Driving All Night Van West, Jeff Oct/18

It Looks Like It’ll Work Van West, Jeff Sep/18

The Spartan Approach Kauh, Elaine Jan/18

Incidents and Accidents

Black Swan Lessons Simonds, Fred Nov/9

Not Enough Time Kauh, Elaine Jun/16

Seriously Bad IFR Flight Berge, Paul Oct/14

Stupid Pilot Tricks Berge, Paul Jan/14

Procedures and Regs

A Bit Over Ninety Van West, Jeff Sep/6

“Actual” Conditions Kolber, Mark Dec/6

A Date With AIRAC Miller, Jordan Jul/9

Circling Versus Mins Staff Jul/18

Compliance Legalities Durden, Rick Sep/12

Compliance Philosophy Simonds, Fred Apr/16

No More Medicals? Blue, Brent Mar/12

New Jepp SIDS And STARS Miller, Jordan Feb/9

Not Quite By The Book Van West, Jeff Jun/6

Pilot’s Bill Of Rights Simonds, Fred Jul/6

RNAV Versus RNP Miller, Jordan Aug/16

The March To PBN Simonds, Fred Mar/9

Which Way To Turn? Kolber, Mark Aug/6


A Bit Brisk In Berlin (Killer) Staff Jan/12

AIM Changes Simonds, Fred May/14

Concentric Woes Simonds, Fred Mar/17

Departure Procedures Simonds, Fred Aug/12

DME Arcs Simonds, Fred Nov/19

En Route Rules Simonds, Fred Sep/17

Gone To The Dogs (Killer) Staff Oct/12

IFR Tidbits Simonds, Fred Jun/15

Inferior Performance (Killer) Staff Jul/12

NTSB 830 Simonds, Fred Feb/11

The Prof And The Pilot (Killer) Staff Apr/12

Weather Simonds, Fred Dec/14

Sim Challenges

Going Downhill Fast Van West, Jeff May/6

Points In Space Van West, Jeff Aug/13

The IFR Sim Challenge Van West, Jeff Feb/12

Teetering On Madness Van West, Jeff Nov/12

Tips and Techniques

Are You Ever Stable? Bowlin, Frank Dec/8

Better Best Glides Van West, Jeff Feb/6

Displacement Effect Van West, Jeff Apr/14

DIY Flow And Check Staff Jan/6

DIY SOP Considerations Kauh, Elaine Feb/18

DIY Weather Briefing Miller, Jordan Apr/9

Hold Vs. HILPT Bowlin, Frank Mar/6

ILS Nuances Bowlin, Frank Nov/18

Lazy Pilots Fly Better Simonds, Fred Dec/17

Multiple Approaches Bowlin, Frank Oct/9

Put It Together: DIY SOP Kauh, Elaine May/15

TAA Ruin Your Scan Bowlin, Frank Aug/19

Using RNAV/RNP Miller, Jordan Oct/15

What If GPS Doesn’t Staff May/12

Why We Make Mistakes Simonds, Fred Sep/14


Altimeters On Approach Staff Dec/15

Handling Windshear Staff May/18

IFR/VFR Separation Miller, Jordan Jun/9

IPC And ATC: We All Goof Bowlin, Frank Jul/14

Runway Incursions Kauh, Elaine Mar/14

The Tower Of Power Simonds, Fred Nov/15


All About Precipitation Vasquez, Tim Nov/20

Forecast Accuracy Vasquez, Tim Jan/20

Fronts Vasquez, Tim Mar/20

Laying Down The Line Vasquez, Tim Jul/19

Misfortune Of Others Vasquez, Tim Aug/20

More Weather Radar Vasquez, Tim Oct/20

Painting The Weather Vasquez, Tim Sep/20

Stormy Encounters Vasquez, Tim Apr/20

The Weather Aloft Vasquez, Tim May/20

Weather Accidents Vasquez, Tim Dec/19

Windshear Weather Vasquez, Tim Jun/20

Why It’s So Bumpy Vasquez, Tim Feb/20


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