Spreading The Word Via The Strip


Ground Delay Program and EDCT Program notices are transmitted to ATC facilities in a format that tells the receiving facility the type of program, the reason for the program, and when they should receive an update.

On the morning of November 19, 2009—the day the FAA’s NADIN flight plan system failed—the massive Houston Intercontinental Airport apparently had so many delayed airplanes taking up ramp space that they ground-stopped all inbounds. Here it is, printed on a convenient flight progress strip.

Effective from now until further advised, all traffic inbound Newark Liberty is ground-stopped due to low ceilings.

Due to low ceilings, all aircraft arriving New York’s Kennedy airport between 2000Z on the 15th and 0259Z on the 16th are subject to an EDCT with a maximum delay of 184 minutes and an average delay of 64 minutes.


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