On The Air: March 2014


Perhaps the most famous of consecutive fixes is at Portsmouth, New Hampshire and may well be the approach that drew national attention to the occasional TERPS frivolity. The RNAV approach to Runway 16 has fixes of: ITAWT ITAWA PUDYE TTATT—with the missed approach hold at IDEED.

Jim Hanson
Albert Lea, Minnesota

I suspect there is some rivalry between the New York Approach controllers and their colleagues in the north from Bradley Approach.
One day I was flying northbound on an IFR flight plan and was handed over from Bradley to the next approach controller. I checked in with, “Boston Center, Mooney 201 November, 5000 feet,” and the controller responded with, “You are still with Bradley Approach, altimeter 2995.”
I read back the altimeter and said “Sorry I called you Boston.”
“You can call me anything,” came the response, “as long as you don’t call me New York.”

Claus Weisemann
Durham, Connecticut

I was flying practice approaches and had just finished reading back my clearance when my instructor said “Let me have the flight controls.” With my thumb still on the button, I said, “You have the flight controls.” Without hesitation, clearance responded, “I have the flight controls,” with accompanying laughter in the background.

David Smith
Shreveport, Louisiana

We had departed Denver Centennial in our CJ3 heading to the west coast and were encountering the usual turbulence in the climb to our cruising altitude of FL450 when we heard the following exchange:
American 123: “American 123, FL280 climbing FL360, getting continuous moderate chop in the climb. Any idea when we can expect the rides to improve?”
Denver Center: “Expect the rides to get significantly better around April.”
Being based in Denver and knowing the truth behind his comment, it gave us a chuckle.

Garrett Woodman
Parker, Colorado

At Bowman Field, Louisville, Kentucky, on the RNAV (GPS) RWY 33 approach, you will find IFALN and ANDYE followed by CAANT and GDUPP.

John Wieland
Louisville, Kentucky

Thanksgiving weekend is Iron Bowl season in Alabama and one year the game was being played in Tuscaloosa, a short distance west of Birmingham. The weather was low IFR. As I took off from Birmingham and headed home to Dothan, I heard several aircraft heading for Tuscaloosa and being asked to hold.

Then one pilot came on the frequency with an unusual plea for being expedited:
Citation 123: “Birmingham Approach, Citation 123, can you tell us what number we are in the sequence for the ILS to Runway 4?”
Center: “Citation 123, you are now number 12; continue holding.”
Citation 123: “Uh, Birmingham Approach, Citation 123. Is there any chance you can expedite us a bit? We have the team doctor on board and he’s gettin’ kind of anxious.”
Center: “Citation 123, do you know how long I’ve waited in my doctor’s office? Nice try but tell him you’ll just have to wait your turn.”

Bill Castlen
Dothan, Alabama

Flying from Camarillo, California, to Victoria, British Columbia, we heard the following exchange with Seattle Center.
Alaska 456: “Seattle Center, Alaska 456 at FL350.”
Seattle Center: “Alaska 456, Seattle Center. How’s your ride today?”
Alaska 456: “Perrrrrfect—like riding a dead horse.”

Conor Coady
Santa Barbara, California

I do a little instrument training out of Wiley Post in Oklahoma City. To the west is El Reno, Oklahoma where there is a federal prison. On the VOR/DME RWY 35 approach to El Reno, the IAF is named WARDN.

Walter Bell
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


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