On The Air: July 2019


Just southeast of P-40 (Camp David) in Western Maryland along V39-143 are two recently added waypoints: ROBRT and MULRR. If ATC assigns that route, are you on a collusion course?

Tom McMullen
Lutherville, MD

The long list of passenger guidelines in GA from the May OTA, brought two things to mind:

1. Never let your passengers eat Cheetos. If they get sick, you cannot get the stain out. I have personal experience with this when my kids were younger!

2. Even in a private aircraft, you can loose luggage. I flew my Cessna 340 to a meeting with Delta Airlines and had to apologize at the start of the meeting that I did not have a coat and tie on because I left my hanging bag in my car!

Brent Blue, M.D.
Jackson, WY

Nearing PORTL on the TMBRS TWO ARRIVAL for Portland International, Oregon (KPDX) we wonder what we need to make beer at the MYCRO BBREWery? Simple: the FLOWR of the HHOPZ plant! Of course, FFULL SSAIL beer from up the river about 70 miles, is popular at any PUBBB in the area.

Luca Bencini-Tibo
Weston, FL

I took off from Erie after a major front had passed through much of Pennsylvania and Baltimore and was tracking northeast across Pennsylvania. I ducked underneath the clouds and was flying IFR in mostly VMC with a few scattered clouds. I checked in with Baltimore Approach and it went like this:

Me: “Baltimore Approach, Tomahawk N1234 checking in.”

Approach (in a stage whisper): “A Tomahawk? You’re up there in a Tomahawk?”

Steve Wilcoxson
Phoenix, MD

One time on Halloween night I heard a pilot make a common mistake but have a little fun with it.

Ramona Airport Tower: “Cirrus 12345, contact SoCal on 124.35.”

N12345: “Cirrus 12345 going to SoCal 124.35.”

N12345 (still transmitting on tower frequency): “SoCal, Cirrus N12345, 3400 climbing 4000.”

Tower: “Cirrus, 12345 you are still on tower frequency.”

N12345: “Cirrus 12345, Roger. I’m going as a student pilot for Halloween this year.”

Andrew Gray
San Diego, CA

After dropping off our Angel Flight West passenger we were climbing out of Henderson, Nevada. On the guard frequency (121.5) we heard a sound not heard before. We reported the transmission to Las Vegas Departure. The exchange went this way:

Departure: “Does it sound like someone is playing a video game?”

Me: “Actually, more like someone hit the jackpot.”

Departure: “Sigh, wish it were me.”

Stephen Bobko-Hillenaar
Alpine, WY

On a recent flight from SoCal to Idaho while over the California Central Valley I heard the following:

LA Center: “King Air 1234 I have slight change to your route, advise when ready to copy.”

King Air 1234: “Go ahead.”

LA Center: “Cleared PELLI, Modesto, rest of the route unchanged.”

King Air 1234: “Cleared PELLI, Modelo, rest of the route unchanged.”

LA Center: “King Air 1234 that’s PELLI, Modesto—Mike Oscar Delta.”

King Air 1234: “Cleared PELLI, Modesto—what was I thinking?”

LA Center: “That’s okay. It’s not five o’clock yet.”

Thomas Ysasi
Ketchum, ID

Thought you might enjoy the sight of IFR Magazine being read at FL370.

Robert Shapiro
Tampa, FL

Send us your cleverest or most embarrassing moment on the radio—or your favorite fix names or airport names—with a subject of “OTA,” to[email protected]. Be sure to include your full name and location.


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