On the Air: August 2020


Before BMW started to produce cars, it manufactured motorcycles then aircraft engines that powered a number of well-known German airplanes such as the Focke-Wulf FW 190. In the BIMMR TWO DEPARTURE from the Greenville-Spartanburg International airport (KGSP), DRIVN around Greer in the South Carolina Upstate in your BIMMR ZZCAR (BMW Z Car), you can stop by the BMW ZNTRM (Zentrum) visitor center next to its US factory. However, let’s not be too acerbic (ACERB) by confusing a Bimmer (car) from a Beemer (motorcycle) and much less a Beeser (BSA motorcycle).

Luca Bencini-Tibo
Weston, FL

We were departing Boeing Field (KBFI) in Seattle talking to Seattle Approach. I was working the radios while my husband was flying our Phenom 300, when the following exchange took place.

Approach: “N88EJ, contact Approach on 124.56.”

I reached for the radio. It was tuned to 124.56 and I did a double take. I looked at my husband. He did a double take.

N88EJ: “Uh, Approach, I think I’m already on 124.56.”

Approach: “Oh man, sorry, my bad! Contact Approach on 125.43. Have a good one!”

Daniel Sternbergh
San Jose, CA

I was flying home during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the following took place:

Spirit 936: “Atlantic City Approach, Spirit 936, 5000.”

Atlantic City Approach: “Spirit 936, descend and maintain 3000, direct PRSTY. And if you don’t mind me asking, what’s your passenger count today?”

Spirit 936: “We only have 2 passengers on board.”

Me: “Only 2 passengers and they still don’t have enough leg room!”

Unknown: “Ouch. But sometimes the truth hurts.”

Of course, Spirit Airlines is a discount carrier famous for their terrible seat pitch

Dave Landset
Ocean City, NJ

A few years ago my wife and I were scooting along in our
1973 Cessna 182 from Visalia, California (KVIS) back home to Hubbard, Oregon (7S9) at 10,500 in VFR conditions. We were enjoying the ride having passed Mount Lassen on our right and Shasta Lake on our left, when Center called:

Oakland Center: “November 230 traffic at your 7 o’clock.”

A minute later, Oakland Center: “230 the traffic is now at your 8 o’clock. It’s a Cessna 182 going 40 knots faster than you are.”

Me: “I’m a 182! How can he be 40 knots faster than me?” Other aircraft (tail unknown to me): “I’m a turbo RG.”

Oakland Center: “Well, that explains that!”

Bruce Breckenridge
Mulino, OR

We were following the Lake Ontario shoreline north toward Billy Bishop Toronto City airport on Toronto Island near downtown Toronto. On frequency we heard the following.

Toronto Terminal: “Piper 1234, turn heading 110, vector for traffic.“

Piper 1234: “Oooh no! I’m not going out over the water—I’ve only got one spinney thing!”

Toronto Terminal: “Piper 1234, maintain current heading. Climb and maintain 3400. Traffic 12 o’clock, four miles, opposite direction, 2300 feet is a Cardinal.“

Daniel Eberl
Iowa City, IA

I love the KOHOE arrival into Denver. In fact, I even took a photo of our FMS showing my favorite fix sequence.

Michael Reamy
Victoria, TX


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