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  • ATC at AirVenture
  • Departures, Arrivals
  • Quiz: SIDs and STARs
  • Build YOur Own Sim, Pt. 5:
  • Details, Differences
  • Winter Troubles

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  1. Dear Customer Help Desk,
    I am a recent subscriber to your IFR Magazine, which I am enjoying.
    However, I keep receiving reminders to subscribe. Is there any way that we can turn off the repeated reminders??

    Kind regards,
    Tony Wood-Collier

  2. Same issue. I just had this with Aviaition Safety as well. Evidently they were bought out by another magazine company that switched website management and now everything is screwed up. You need to send a message to customer support with your billing address and account # from the maling label of you hard-copy magazine.

    Or the company could have tested everything and made it easier on the consumer?? But that would probably come with an added convenience fee.

  3. Please, fix this issue that everyone is complaining about! Can’t download the IFR Magazine which I just have started a subscription for.

  4. Same problem. Logged in w new PW & no access to content. Nice going. Think I’ll let my subscription run out & reevaluate later whether to re-subscribe?

  5. I am logged in, but like everyone else above, can’t download anything, despite having reset my password at least four times.
    All I want to do is download my past issues that were never mailed to me.

  6. Three days, and still nothing. I have sent several online service requests. I think Flying shut it down and fired everyone when they bought it. Must have been PE money funding the purchase, that is usually the explanation when a good product or company goes to hell.

  7. I also cannot get an email to go to customer service at Flying ([email protected]); it keeps bouncing back.
    This is a wreck. Used to be a great product when it was IFR Refresher, went downhill when that was discontinued and incorporated into IFR, and now the company is a piece of crap.

  8. I’ve successfully renewed my subscription two days ago. I’ve changed, also successfully, my password. I log in, but I can download the November 2023 Issue PDF, as well as the previous issues. What’s going on? Is it a fraud that costed me $56? If You dont fix it I’ll make a court complaint against Flying Media and transmission of what happens in the social media.

  9. Having same issue, not able to download November newsletter. It is now 10 Nov and I followed instructions given in the email.

  10. As already shared the new web site is defective on a number of levels. I was unable to down load the PDF and the web site is very slow. You should consider testing the site instead of having you customers test it for you. Very disappointing.

  11. Again unable to download the November issue. What’s happening? I have renewed my subscription until 01-25-2025. My account details says I have 17 issues remaining. I’ve successfully changed my password and I didn’t received my paper (hard) copy of the November issue and, as said above, I’m unable to download the digital one. That’s a fraud or what?

  12. Today I’ve received an e-mail from IFR Magazine with similar terms of another one I’ve received three days ago, asking to reset my password. That e-mail, in the end said it was from “Flying Media Group, 605, Chestnut Street, Suit 800, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37450 Unites States”. I’ve reset, again, successfully, my password, but can’t dowload the November issue. That’s a fraud. I’ll have to put Flying Media Group in court and transcribe all this situation in all available media.

  13. It’s been multiple days with no updates. Out of curiosity, has anyone gotten a response from customer service? It looks like Flying bought out ifr magazine and screwed something up in the process.

  14. I have changed my password as requested and see no change in the site layout. Nothing here is new as stated in the request to change your password email. The issues download still is not working. Additionally, I keep getting email to change my password even after doing this 3 times.
    No response from the company.


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