1. I have been training in corporate jet aircraft for 16 years. I have NEVER COME ACROSS ONE PILOT who uses government charts. Why can you not get permission from Jeppesen to use their information. It is so much more valuable and user friendly than any faa chart. It would be a tremendous improvement to your mag, in my opinion.


  2. In response to the above comment, I have never come across a piston GA pilot who uses Jepp charts. I am sure Jepp is better than FAA, but for pilots who fly spam cans 50 hrs a year it makes no sense to use an expensive product made for professional pilots. It all depends on who your readers are.

  3. Hello,
    I fly an SR22 Cirrus, and I’ve been using Jeppesen charts since I got my license 30 years ago, so now you have one, but I can introduce you to many friends who use Jeppesen!

  4. I have been flying SEL, MEL and turbine for 50 years. I learned my IFR techniques using Jepp charts when I started and I never left Jepp. To me there is no real comparison. Jepp charts are more user friendly and present a better picture of what to expect.

  5. Andrew,
    I also have been using Jepp charts for 43+ years flying SEL and MEL aircraft. I started with paper and the chart updates while using single engine rental aircraft before buying a multi. I now use electronic Jepp charts. I also find Jepp charts more user friendly as Elliott stated. Another big plus in the digital age is not having to work my way through the binder updates and an iPad is WAY lighter. I still have my well worn Western region leather binder with out-of-date charts for a trip down memory lane. 😉 So add me to the list.


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