1. I was a refresher subscriber. You shut that down and said my subscription would be be transferred to IFR.
    How do we get that accomplished?

  2. Iam very surprised that nobody else is mentioning the chart training you offer. I suspect there is some useful information to be had in the reviews. I train pilots on a daily basis in turbojet aircraft and “NOBODY USES NOS CHARTS”!! Why don’t you get permission from Jeppesen and use a professional chart display format that has far more useful data that is very well thought out???? In 17 years of training flight crews I have had 1, that’s correct “1” pilot use government charts. You may have to pay a little for their services, but it would make your mag much more professional.

  3. This is not a pleasant experience. I tap ‘sign in’… provide my credentials, I see the dashboard and my account info… but STILL CANNOT OPEN THE IFR ARTICLE FROM THE NEWSLETTER. So… what’s the solution to this do-loop?

    John T.

  4. The downloadable and viewable PDF file “2104_IFR_Apr2021.pdf” associated with this issue – (Volume 37, Number 4 – April 2021) is nothing but blank pages. Please rectify and let me know when you have done so, if you wouldn’t mind. I believe you have my email on file. Thanks in advance!


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