Theres an App for it, Even in the Air


With so many aviation apps available it’s simply not possible to mention them all, but here are some of the highlights. Fire up the Apple App Store to check ‘em out.

Weather Apps

ForeFlight Mobile 3: $79/year subscription

Garmin Pilot My-cast: $9.99/month subscription

WingX – $99.99

AeroWeather: Free, provides access to METARs and TAFs

Airport Directories

FltPlan is a free airport directory containing an impressive amount of information on runways and services, as well as FBO radio frequencies and phone numbers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

AOPA Airports provides access to the AOPA Airport Directory on the iPhone. The app is free but you’ll need your AOPA member number and password to access the data.


PilotWizz provides most E6B calculations and conversions as well as weight and balance calculations.

PFMA (Pocket Flight Management Assistant) is a $5.99 E6B app that does all the calculations and conversions you could possibly want, wrapped in a cool, FMS-like interface.

CFITools offers a $4.99 app for calculating weight and balance, which you can customize for your aircraft. The $4.99 takeoff and landing app computes takeoff and performance data for many common GA aircraft. CFITools also offers a 99 crosswind calculator for takeoffs and landings and a $1.99 holding pattern calculator.


ForeFlight Checklist Pro and Lite: Create, customize and display aircraft checklists. The Lite version is free and the Pro version costs $19.99 and allows you to edit checklists using a web browser and share them with other pilots.

GoodReader PDF reader (for viewing terminal procedures) is 99.

JustLight is a free app that turns your iPhone display into a flashlight.


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