On the Air: September 2016


I was landing an Eclipse Jet at Fulton County Airport, Atlanta, Georgia:

Tower: “Eclipse Jet taxi to parking via Juliet Tango. Stay with me.”

Tower: “And Eclipse Jet that is a fine jet. How did you talk your wife into letting you get that jet?”

Me: “That’s the secret. No wife…”

Another Pilot: “How do I trade my wife in for an Eclipse Jet?”

Kevin Duggan
North Kingstown, RI

On a flight to St. Augustine, FL we were taking to Jacksonville Approach, and I mistakenly said:

Me: “Jax Center, Twin Cessna 787G level at 17,000.”

ATC: “Mooney 787G, Jax Approach. Jax altimeter 3008.”

Me: “3008 and we are a Twin Cessna 787G.”

ATC: “If you call me Center I call you Mooney.”

Me: “Got it.”

I thought about how to get even with him and my chance came during the descent.

ATC: “Twin Cessna 787G, descend and maintain 10,000.”

Me: “Leaving 17,000. Descending 10,000, Twin Cessna 787G.”

As we pitched down for the descent a storm cell popped up on radar.

Me: “Jax, Twin Cessna 787G requests 15 right for weather.”

ATC: “Thats approved, but I only see a very small cell.”

Me: “We only see a small cell too, but I just don’t want to fly through it, because, you know, Mooneys are rather delicate.”

He took it with a chuckle.

Gerd (surname withheld by request)
Vero Beach, FL

I heard the following exchange flying through New York’s Class Bravo:

Shore Air 30 (seaplane): “LaGuardia Tower, Shore Air 30, George Washington Bridge southbound at 1100.”

LGA Tower: “Shore Air 30, squawk 0213. There is a helicopter, 12 o’clock, northbound, 1 mile, at fifteen hundred.”

Shore Air 30: “There are helicopters everywhere.”

LGA Tower: “Tell me about it! Cleared into Class Bravo, fifteen hundred over Central Park, maintain visual separation with all those helicopters.”

Robert “Bootcamp” Schapiro
New York, NY

There are a number of smaller airports in the USA that are in close proximity to major airports and their data from the A/FD is often found under the major city name versus the smaller city/airport name.

One recent flight to Santa Barbara, I was in Albuquerque Center’s airspace and heard the following exchange.

N987: “Albuquerque Center, this is N987 on 128.2 requesting radar services.”

ABQ Center: (with the most refreshing, happy female controller I have ever heard) “Go ahead, N987.”

N987: “I would like flight following to Thermal, California.”

ABQ Center: “What is the identifier for Thermal?”

N987: “TRM, Tango Romeo Mike.”

ABQ Center: (Long Pause)

Me: “Located under Palm Springs, Papa Sierra Papa.”

ABQ Center: “Ah ha! Thanks guys. I am a blond so I need all of the help I can get.”

Me: “N567ET. You can thank me by giving me present position direct to Palm Springs with pilot’s discretion from FL180 to 10,000. I need to escape these 45 knot headwinds. They’re absolutely killin’ me.”

ABQ Center: “Working on it.”

Ronald Hays
Santa Barbara, CA

As I was progressing down the GPS 9 approach into Ramona Airport last February I heard the following:

Cessna Training Flight: “Ramona Tower, ah, on this time around could you, ah flash us?”

Female Tower Controller with hooting laughter in the background: “You want me to do what?”

Cessna Training Flight: “Oh gosh, sorry, no I mean with the light gun. Yes, sorry with light gun signals for landing.”

Tower still with laughing in the back ground: “OK then. That’s a bit better.”

My first reaction was to come on the radio and say, “Wait, I want to see this and I am almost there.” Then I thought better of it.

Martin Wood
Ramona, CA

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