On The Air: September 2014


Anyone who’s looked at a Los Angeles chart knows of the intersection “LIMBO” off the coast from Torrance. Seems appropriate for the region.

Bob Lancaster
Orlando, Fla.

VFR flight following with Oakland Center, Cessna 106 called in for flight following.
Center: “Cessna 106, squawk 3246.”
Cessna 106: “2246, Cessna 106.”
After some air-carrier vectoring, Center repeated: “Cessna 106, squawk 3246.”
More air carrier conversation, then: “Cessna 106, squawk 3246.”
Cessna 106: “2246, Cessna 106.”
More unrelated talk.
Center: “Cessna 106, confirm squawking 3246.”
Cessna 106: “2246.”
Center, starting to sound a little frustrated: “Negative, Cessna 106, squawk 3-2-4-6.”
Cessna 106: “Say again frequency for Cessna 106?”
More air carrier conversation.
Center: “Cessna 106, squawk 3246.”
Cessna 106: “Was that 2346?”
At this point I gagged on the water I had just sipped.
After more air carrier conversation Center, having regained his composure: “Cessna 106, leaving my air space, squawk VFR, contact Oakland Center on 125.85.”
Unknown pilot #1: “Good job!”
Unknown pilot #2: “That was great.”
Unknown pilot #3: “Absolutely unbelievable.”
Unknown pilot #4: “Made our day!”

David S. Lindsay
Oakland, Calif.

Once on a flight from Park Falls, Wisconsin direct to Grand Forks North Dakota, I was in smooth air, and instrument conditions for the entire trip. About 45 minutes into the flight, level at 6000 feet over northern Minnesota, Minneapolis Center gave me a call:
Center: “Mooney 1UB you have traffic 12 o’clock, 5 miles, opposite direction, same altitude.”
Me: “Center, Mooney 1UB is solid IMC.”
Center: “Ah…well.. in that case, traffic no factor.”
Needless to say, the next couple of minutes were rather unnerving.

Greg M. Frokjer
Absarokee, Mont.

Arriving into Portland from the south on the TIMBRS arrival, the ILS Runway 10L has the fixes TRAYL BLAZR after Portland’s professional basketball team. That same approach depicts BUXOM, but I’m not going to work too hard to figure out where that belongs.

Sal Cruz
Watsonville, Calif.

Tooling down the east coast on a dark spring evening, I overheard the following on guard:
Jet Blue 123: “Jet Blue 456, this is Jet Blue 123 on guard, over.”
Jet Blue 456: “Go ahead Jet Blue 123, this is 456.”
Jet Blue 123: “Center is looking for you. You should be on frequency 125.85, Jet Blue 456.”
Jet Blue 456: “Yeah, we’re already talking to them, don’t know why they got you involved.”
Jet Blue 123: “Whatever, have a good night.”
Unknown voice: “Plausible deniability.”

Scott Dyer
White Plains, N.Y.

While on my commercial check ride the nearby practice area was pretty quiet. Wilkes Approach gave us flight following and afterward warned a Cessna of our presence:
Approach: “Cessna 123 traffic is an Arrow. They will be maneuvering in the practice area near you.”
Cessna (a male voice responds): “Looking for traffic and we’re happy to have them here.”
Me: “Glad to be here.”
Approach: “Get a room.”

Laura Barna
Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

At NASA’s Shuttle Landing Facility in Titusville Florida, on the RNAV RWY 15 approach you will find EARTH ROCIT STARS.

Luca Bencini-Tibo
Weston, Fla.


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