On The Air: November 2010


Several of you have sent in the image to the right or the link proving that Jeppesen has a sense of humor. For anyone who hasn’t seen the “Hudson River Visual,” here it is. (We particularly like the Crooked Goose transition.)

In the “How to suck up to ATC” department:

Portland Approach (female): “Colgan Twenty-three Forty-five, Direct Augusta.”

Colgan 2345: “Direct Augusta. Thanks for the help. Let us know if there’s anything we can do for you.”

Approach: “Well, it is my birthday.”

Colgan 2345: “Oh, well, happy birthday.”

Unknown: “Happy Birthday.”

Approach: “Thank you both.”

Challenger 49P: “Portland Approach, Challenger Four Niner Papa, we’ve got a cake up here that says, ‘Happy 25th Birthday.’ “

Approach: “Now you I like.”

Chet Ludlow
Burlington, Vt.

It was a dark and thunderstormy night in Norfolk:

Norfolk Approach: “United Two Fifty-three, turn left heading 150, vectors to the ILS Runway 23.”

United 253: “Unable. We have one of those Stradivarius clouds over there.”

Approach: “You mean a stratus cloud?”

United 253: “No, I mean a Stradivarius cloud.”

Approach (condescendingly): “And just what is a Stradivarius cloud?”

United 253: “Those are the kind you don’t fiddle with.”

Grant Besley
Ranchos de Taos, N.M.

Just because Jeppesen stepped in this month with a funny for our files doesn’t mean we don’t need your OTAs. Send us your ears! (Or at least what they hear.) It’s [email protected]


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