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Features July 2018 Issue

Fly the Hook

Significant clearance is provided for charted procedure turns.

Fly the Hook

You remember procedure turns, right? They’re that thing you flew when outbound on the final approach course to turn around before all that GPS stuff.

Establish yourself on the reciprocal of the ILS localizer course, 351 degrees, and fly outbound on the localizer. Since you’re outbound on the front course, remember to correct away from the needle on the localizer. (See, “Reverse Sensing” and “Reverse Sensing—HSI” in the June and July 2016 issues.) Two minutes is usual. Then turn to the outbound procedure turn heading of 036 degrees. The Instrument Flying Handbook specifies flying that heading for 40 seconds, although many of us were taught to fly it for a full minute. Either is fine so long as you remain inside the limit. Then, make a standard-rate left turn to 216 degrees and join the 171-degree localizer.

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