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Features December 2016 Issue

2016 IFR Editorial Index

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Air Traffic Control Notebook

"Understanding Air Traffic," Kramer, Mar/12

"Indirect Flight Effects," Kramer, Jan/9

"When Air Traffic is Light, ATC Lets You Take Your Time," Kramer, Oct/9

Ben Bishop

"On The Beat," Kramer, Jul/9

"ATC to the Rescue," Kramer, Apr/9

"Reducing The Ruckus," Kramer, Nov/6

"Wake Turbulence: Silent But Deadly," Kramer, Jun/18

"Radio Readback Could Save Your Life," Kramer, Sep/12

"Communicating with ATC," Kramer, May/9

"Weather Multitasking," Kramer, Feb/9

"Where Your PIREPs Go," Kramer, Dec/6

Avionics and New Tech

"Back To The Future of GPS Backups," Miller, May/6

"Garmin Flight Stream," Waks, Feb/6

"Garmin’s GTN Updates," Staff, Sep/6

"Technology Gotchas," Staff, Aug/9

Incidents and Accidents

"Stupid Pilot Tricks," Berge, Jan/18

"Lower Won’t Work," Kauh, Nov/14

Procedures and Regs

"A Kinder, Gentler FAA?" Simonds, Apr/6

"ASRS: Safe Protections," Simonds, May/15

"Can You Log That?" Simonds, Feb/16

"Dreaded Ramp Check," Shanks, Jul/16

Tips and Techniques

"Disobeying the FAA" Simonds, Dec/20

"Cockpit Proficiency," Staff, Aug/6

"CFIT On Departure," Miller, Aug/15

"Change Your Checklist," Kauh, Oct/6

"Circling On The Climb," Kauh, Dec/9

"DA Versus MDA," Miller, Jun/6

"Good Pilot Decision Making," Simonds, Nov/9

"GPS Backup Strategies," Simonds, Feb/12

"GPS Makes Us Smarter," Van West, Jan/6

"Staying on Top of GPS Navigation," Van West, Mar/6

"IFR Around The World," Schroen, Mar/15

"Loss of Control," Miller, Feb/18

"Pilot Monitoring," Shanks, Dec/17

"Read The Fine Print," Shelton, Oct/14

"Seeing Double," Van West, Nov/12

"Think Outside The Box," Shanks, May/12

"Upsetting The Rhythm," Simonds, Apr/14

"Using An SOP In GA," Kauh, Sep/15

"Winter Flight" Durden, Jan/14


"Certification Using ACS," Simonds, Jun/12

"Flying Classes for Pilots," Bowlin, Oct/16

"Learn That New Glass," Bowlin, Jul/14

"IFR Airport Basics," Staff, Jan/16

"Sim Training Centers," Bowlin, Nov/16

"IFR Resources," Kauh, Apr/16

"The Wind At Your Back," Kauh, Jul/6

"There’s An AC For That," Kauh, Jun/16

"Traffic Displays," Miller, Aug/12

"Flying into Procedure Turns" Bowlin, Mar/9

"You Need An EFB," Simonds, Sep/9


"A Change Of Seasons," Vasquez, Oct/18

"Flight-Level Winds Aloft," Vasquez, Mar/18

"Introducing The GFA," Miller, Jun/9

"Low Clouds And Fog," Vasquez, Nov/20

"Nowcasting Your Flight," Vasquez, May/18

"Reading The Sky," Vasquez, Sep/18

"Using Spherics," Castlen, Jul/17

"Flying in a Thunderstorm," Vasquez, Aug/18

"Who’s Looking Matters," Drabek, Apr/18

"Winter Accidents," Vasquez, Dec/12


"Scud Running and RNAV Approaches," Van West, May/20

"Five Lines Of Minimums," Van West, Feb/20

"Free-Flying," Van West, Apr/20

"Frankenstein Approach," Van West, Nov/18

"Missed Approaches," Kauh, Aug/21

"Inside The MSA," Kauh, Jan/20

"Standard Charting and Nonstandard Approaches," Van West, Sep/21

"Not Quite An ILS," Kauh, Oct/20

"Reverse Sensing," Bowlin, Jun/21

"Reverse Sensing—HSI," Bowlin, Jul/20

"Tale Of Two Approaches," Staff, Mar/21

"Trust ATC, But Verify," Van West, Dec/15

Killer Quizzes

"Chilly In Cincinnati," Staff, Oct/12

"Fly By Night," Staff, Jul/12

"Goin’ Retro," Staff, Apr/12

"Hold On Just A Minute," Staff, Jan/12

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