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What’s a Sim Good For?

Cool Tools for GA Sims

There is an increasing number of tools to expand the simulation experience for GA pilots. I mentioned three in the article.

AOPA Jay by Redbird This tabletop personal simulator is a complete home system. The unique bit is that Redbird publishes a new scenario each month to provide an interactive training experience. These are like choose-your-own-adventure stories where what you do on the sim affects the outcome. Don’t like how it turned out the first time? Try again and make different decisions. The scenario will respond accordingly. (

PilotEdge This one takes some set up, but once working it gives you live ATC via the internet for your personal simulator. Now you can call and get an IFR clearance from a real person. Read it back wrong and you’ll be corrected. Need vectors to the ILS to try something again? Just ask. It’s amazing how much you step up your game when you realize there’s a real person watching you, even though it’s a simulated world. (

IFR Mastery These are available by subscription from PilotWorkshops. Each month a situation is presented and you must puzzle though the best action. All the supporting documents and information is provided, and there’s an expert debriefing and discussion board for each one. PilotWorkshops also offers free weekly training tips and other products. (

These products crossover, too. PilotEdge is available at some schools on full-motion sims. PilotWorkshops and Redbird have teamed up on some scenarios for the Jay and are looking at ways to include PilotEdge as well. —JVW

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