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On the Air December 2010 Issue

On The Air: December 2010

I was flying from Burlington, Vt., to Louisville, Ky., and my first stop (for fuel) was Bradford Regional airport, in northwest Pennsylvania. Our route took us right over Syracuse, N.Y.:

Me: “Good afternoon, Syracuse Approach. Skyhawk One Six Nine, level 8000.”

Syracuse Approach: “Cessna One Six Nine, Syracuse Approach. Good afternoon. Syracuse altimeter 29.96.”

A few minutes later:

Approach: “Cessna One Six Nine, Syracuse Approach. Are you really going to Bradford?”

Me: “Cessna One Six Nine, affirmative.”

Now I’m wondering what’s wrong with Bradford. Did I not know something about it? Is the airport closed? Am I about to do something really dumb? So I ponder this for a few minutes and then call him back:

Me: “Syracuse Approach, Skyhawk One Six Nine. Is there something wrong with Bradford?”

Approach: “Skyhawk One Six Nine, negative. I was just wondering why anyone would go to Bradford.”

Me: “Fuel. Skyhawk One Six Nine.”

Approach: “Roger that. My cousin is from Bradford. He has one tooth!”

David Tanzer
Warren, Vt.

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