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Briefing December 2010 Issue

Briefing: December 2010

The ADS-B debacle continues to unfold

The Office of Inspector General for the Transportation Department reports that the FAA’s ADS-B plan faces “significant risks and challenges.” The number-one issue: Reluctance to purchase and install the required new avionics. “Users have raised justifiable concerns about evolving requirements and uncertain equipage costs and benefits,” the report says and brings back up the idea of cost sharing on incentives for upgrading users. The report also points to promised cost savings by using contractors that have evaporated or ended up costing more than doing things in-house. Meanwhile, the Airline Electronics Association says the new FAA guidelines that require ADS-B equipment to be installed under the supplemental type certificate (STC) process will “stall early equipage, delay early implementation, and, at the extreme, cause the failure of ADS-B implementation all together.”

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