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On the Air September 2014 Issue

On The Air: September 2014

VFR flight following with Oakland Center, Cessna 106 called in for flight following.
Center: “Cessna 106, squawk 3246.”
Cessna 106: “2246, Cessna 106.”
After some air-carrier vectoring, Center repeated: “Cessna 106, squawk 3246.”
More air carrier conversation, then: “Cessna 106, squawk 3246.”
Cessna 106: “2246, Cessna 106.”
More unrelated talk.
Center: “Cessna 106, confirm squawking 3246.”
Cessna 106: “2246.”
Center, starting to sound a little frustrated: “Negative, Cessna 106, squawk 3-2-4-6.”
Cessna 106: “Say again frequency for Cessna 106?”
More air carrier conversation.
Center: “Cessna 106, squawk 3246.”
Cessna 106: “Was that 2346?”
At this point I gagged on the water I had just sipped.
After more air carrier conversation Center, having regained his composure: “Cessna 106, leaving my air space, squawk VFR, contact Oakland Center on 125.85.”
Unknown pilot #1: “Good job!”
Unknown pilot #2: “That was great.”
Unknown pilot #3: “Absolutely unbelievable.”
Unknown pilot #4: “Made our day!”

David S. Lindsay
Oakland, Calif.

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