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On the Air January 2012 Issue

On The Air: January 2012

After cancelling IFR but still on my way into Providence, R.I.:
Providence Approach: “Skylane One Four One Whiskey Bravo, follow the MD80 to Runway 5.”
Me: “Follow MD80 to five, One Four One Whiskey Bravo.”
Approach (after a couple minutes went by): Skylane One Four One Whiskey Bravo, are you following the MD80?”
Me: “Affirmative, following the MD80. The squirrels are running as fast as they can.”
MD80: “Providence, do you want us to slow down to let him catch up? American Two Six Three.”
Approach: “American Two Six Three, negative, maintain speed. Skylane One Four One Whiskey Bravo, your squirrels need an exercise program.”

Stan Yavoroski
Warminster, Pa.

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