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Briefing February 2012 Issue

Briefing: February 2012


FAA administrator Randy Babbit resigned in the wake of a DUI arrest ... NTSB investigating Phoenix Class B airspace in relation to a Turbo Commander crash in the area ... EAA’s Eagle Flight program for adult pilot wannabees will be flying by March ... FAA releases new rest requirements for passenger-carrying commercial operations ... The Block Aircraft Registration Request (BARR) program is reopened to anyone requesting it ... Cessna rolled out a new initiative for inspections on older 100- and 200-series aircraft ... FAA will award $7.7 million to eight companies developing alternative fuels (biofuel) ... European Commission banned airport body-scanning x-ray backscatter machines ... Garmin released GTN 750 trainer for the iPad 2 ... 100-percent bonus depreciation may remain through 2012 ... American Airlines officially allowed to use iPads in the cockpit (guess they bought 'em on credit) ... For breaking news in general aviation, log on to

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