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On The Air: March 2012

Heard this one on a hard-IFR trip down V27 off the California coast. The weather was scuzzy with heavy rain from the surface up to the flight levels with no layers at all. Despite this, ATC valiantly continued trying to call traffic:
NORCAL Approach: “Skywest Two Niner Six Five, traffic is a Beech Sierra, 12 o’clock, opposite direction at 8000.”
Skywest 2965: “Approach, Skywest Two Niner Six Five is IMC.”
Approach: “Beech Seven Four Papa, traffic 12 o’clock, opposite direction at 9000, a Canadair regional jet.
Beech 74P: “Uh, we’re pretty heavy IMC here, as well. But we’ll let you know if we feel anything.”
Approach: “Uh, Roger that.”

Brad Willmore
via email

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