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On the Air December 2012 Issue

Classic ON THE AIR: December 2012

Tower controllers get tired, too. One day, at the end of a long, busy morning shift, I let the following happen:
Tomahawk 818: “Yuma Tower, Tomahawk Two Five Eight One Eight is ready to go, southerly departure.”
Me: “Tomahawk Two Five Eight One Eight, Yuma Tower, wind calm, clear for takeoff Runway Eight.”
After he departed, I told him: “Eight One Eight, southerly departure approved.” I then meant to say maintain 1,200 feet and report five miles south, but what came out was: “… maintain twelve hundred miles and report five feet south.”
Tomahawk 818: “I’ll give it my best shot, sir.”

Neal McGurrell
Kaneohe, HI

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