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On the Air February 2013 Issue

On The Air: February 2013

Overheard on a typically busy Sunday morning just north of ORD in Chicago:
Cessna 123BD: “Chicago Approach, Cessna 123BD.”
Approach: “Cessna 123BD, approach, say type and request.”
Cessna 123BD: “We’d like to land at O’Hare.”
Approach: “123BD, I have no flight plan for you, say type and position.”
Cessna 123BD: “We’re a 172 over the Chicago Heights VOR.”
Approach: “123BD, is this a full stop?”
Cessna 123BD: “No, we’d like to do touch-and-goes.”
Approach (after a long pause): “123BD, we don’t do touch-and-goes at O’Hare.”
Cessna 123BD: “Oh, OK. Thanks.”

Bill McNulty
Washington DC

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