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Briefing February 2013 Issue

Briefing: February 2013

Looming Pilot Shortage—Fact Or Fallacy?

Some aviation advocates who are convinced that a pilot shortage is looming, with implications for costs and safety, have asked a government agency to conduct a study to confirm their concerns. About 16 groups, including FAA, AOPA, Boeing, and regional airline operators, told the Government Accountability Office, “The aviation industry is entering an era of unprecedented pilot staffing challenges as a result of a struggling economy, bankruptcies, mergers, increasing flight training costs, manufacturing declines and numerous new public laws and regulations.” Some pilot advocates have countered that there is no shortage. CBS aviation news analyst Chesley Sullenberger said the airlines have the means to solve their own problem: “When the airlines create working conditions and have wages that will attract qualified, experienced pilots, they will have enough applicants.”

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