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On the Air June 2013 Issue

On The Air: June 2013

On a Friday afternoon, flying through the LAX basin, the SOCAL airwaves were quite busy. This was a classic controller response to a less than professional pilot who stepped on the controller twice and used the inappropriate “with you” at check in.
Piper 12S: (Blocking the last half of the controller’s clearance to an American flight) “SOCAL, Piper 12S is with you at 4500.”
AA154: “American 154, SOCAL, please say again altitude at Poggi.”
Piper 12S: (Stepping on SOCAL again) “SOCAL, Piper 12S with you at 4500.”
AA154: “SOCAL was that Flight Level 230 at Poggi? You were stepped on.”
SOCAL: “American 154, affirmative, flight level 230 at Poggi. Break: Piper 12S, you are definitely not with me or you would be monitoring before breaking into my transmission. All I want from you is your full call sign and altitude after you listen up. Piper 12S, cancel flight following, frequency change approved.”
Piper 12S: “Uh, OK I guess.”

Ronald Hays
Santa Barbara, California

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