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On the Air June 2013 Issue

On The Air: June 2013

On an approach into KRME (Griffis, Rome, NY), I was busy showing a fellow pilot how the G1000 on my new Skylane can fly a coupled approach. About five miles out on final, I realized that I had forgotten to check in with tower after the handoff from Approach. I’d entered the frequency, but never checked in.
Me: “Griffis Tower, Skylane 4839T, five miles out, RNAV 15. I think I forgot to check in.”
Tower: “Not a problem, Skylane 39T, cleared for the option.”
Me: “Cleared for the option, Skylane 39T. Sorry about that. I didn’t push the right buttons.”
Tower: “I have the same problem with my wife.”

Bob Keller (CFII)
Boonville, New York

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