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On the Air June 2013 Issue

On The Air: June 2013

A few years ago while flying toward Boise, Idaho on V113, I heard the following:
Centurion XYZ: “Boise Approach, Centurion XYZ, 70 DME south of Boise on the 170 radial at 15,000, landing Boise.”
Boise Approach: “Centurion XYZ, you are in the middle of the Owyhee MOA. The Idaho Air National Guard is having gunnery practice today. Say intentions.”
Centurion XYZ: “Boise Approach, Centurion XYZ, can you give me a vector for the quickest way out of here?”
A vector and altitude change were given and promptly acknowledged, ending with a “Thank you.”

Harry Wander
Nevada City, California

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