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On the Air October 2013 Issue

On The Air: October 2013

This past August on a flight through the south-central U.S., we were in the flight levels, dodging and weaving around cell after cell, build-up after build-up. ATC had been great, granting every request for a deviation, but after a bit, the controller asked, “Four Zero November, how much longer on your right deviation?”
I’d been looking at another build-up, so I said, “Well, I was just thinking of coming a bit further right for the next 40 miles or so.”
ATC: “Four Zero November, not a problem. I was just wondering how many sectors you’re going to penetrate on your deviations.”
Me: “With all this weather to weave through, I’d say, pretty much all of ‘em.”
ATC (laughing): “OK, Four Zero November. Cleared to deviate as necessary. I’ll just tell everybody you’re comin’.”

Sal Cruz
Watsonville, California

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