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On the Air October 2013 Issue

On The Air: October 2013

Being an aviation journalist doesn’t exactly count as fame, but as the former editor of IFR and Aviation Consumer magazines, I do run across people who know me. I guess a bit of that name recognition got to my head passing through New York Approach airspace:
Me: “New York Approach, Cirrus Seven Two Zero Echo Charlie, five thousand.”
New York Approach: “Cirrus Zero Echo Charlie, New York Approach. (pause) Hey, is this Jeff?”
Me (caught off guard): “Uh, yes.”
Approach: “I thought so.”
I asked myself, “Who do I know at New York TRACON?” I couldn’t think of anyone. Did he know me from IFR? But he recognized my voice, so maybe it was the YouTube videos for AVweb. Or had I met him at some seminar? Finally, I couldn’t take the suspense.
Me: “New York Approach, Cirrus Zero Echo Charlie. I give up. Who is this?”
Approach: “I’m going to leave you guessing for a bit.”
Me: “I have no idea. How do you know me?”
Approach (with an audible smirk): “Oh, your name is right here on your flight plan.”
If there was a popping sound on the radio right then, it was my bubble of perceived fame bursting.

Jeff Van West
Portland, Maine

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